Top 7 Cozy Gastown Coffee shops to spend your winter!

Top 7 Cozy Gastown Coffee shops to spend your winter!

Its starting to rain, wanna grab a coffee?!

Tourist or local  check it out!

I am a coffee lover, a coffee shop lover, a lover of heavy knit sweaters,  a lover of local shops, a people watcher, and LOVE being warm and cozy on a rainy and cold day…

Here are my top 7 coffee shops in my hood (Gastown) that I adore and HIGHLY recommend checking out! I doubt you’ll be disappointed!  PS I added the link to their website/ Instagram so check it out!

  1. Nelson The Seagull –> I feel like Im in New York City, bread is amazing, great breakfast
  2. Eats Van Roasters –> Coffee, money goes to a good cause, CHOCOLATE made in store!!
  3. Birds and Beets –> love granola, and layout of the shop! Great snack food
  4. Buro –> favourite place to people watch !
  5. Revolver –> Hipster chic , love it! Baristas there are magical!
  6. Timbertrain –>  good vibes, good coffee. Sit in a train and sip coffee
  7. Purebread –> UM… I know Im a personal trainer, but sometimes a girls gotta have a cheat meal- desserts galore…. amazing and fresh. favourite bread: Walnut Rosemary Seasalt



Birds & Beets



East Van Coffee Roasters


Nelson The Seagull


Bread from Purebread, Granola Birds & Beets

   Love Love 

Happy Friday 


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