Workout Round, Tight and Lifted!

Workout Round, Tight and Lifted!

Round, Tight & Lifted!

This workout hits every angle of those legs, thighs and bum!

So.. I did this workout yesterday…. and let me tell you…. legs were burning!!!! Please go through workout A + B 2 times (or as many times as you want)!  Go hard, this is high intensity training! Its only a 13 minute workout!

This isn’t just a workout, it is a lifestyle.

Its about motivation, goals, achievement and self love. Life is crazy busy , we all have days where we are tired and feel like we can’t fit a workout in, or we don’t know what to do when at the gym; so here it is! We are in this together, so we might as well have fun accomplishing what we want!

Lets do it!

Do the warm up, and make sure you are comfortable with the exercises before beginning your workout!

The Warm Up:

2 rounds:

8 x Single leg glute bridges on left leg

8 x Single leg glute bridges on right leg


press off heel, squeeze bum, as you lift hips to  sky, abs tight


slowly come back down , repeat

30 second plank on forearms

10 push ups (beg/ intermediate: on knees Advanced: on toes)

10 squats (see squat photos in Workout A)

50 jumping jacks

Workout A:

3 MOVES, 7 MINUTES …COMPLETE THESE 3 MOVES AS MANY TIMES  AS YOU CAN IN 7 MINUTES ! with good form! Set phone on descending timer for 7 minutes

Exercise 1:

8 x Left leg side tap + Jump up

8 x Right leg side tap + Jump up

(The break down… think about single leg strength, staying low the entire time to fired the legs and booty!!! if you notice your self coming up, sit lower!)


a)Get into low squat, weight in heels, chest up, abs tight ALWAYS STAY LOW


Send Left leg out 


Bring Left leg back in


JUMP UP, and land back into  a squat position                                                                  That is one rep! keep going 7 more times! …. repeat 8 x on  RIGHT LEG now !!

Exercise 2:

10 x Squats    Beginner- Intermediate:  no weight needed!  –>Advanced Move: hold one 25 lbs Dumbbell (I  held one 25 lbs dumbbell)


sit back, weight in heels


push off heels to stand, squeeze bum!

Exercise 3:

20 x Plank Jacks  cardio, core & arms!


shoulders over hands, abs tight


continuously jump feet open and closed! keep going! Trainer Tip:Try to keep body tight and stable!

When 7 minutes is up…

Rest exactly 3 minutes

We are moving on to Workout B

Workout B:

Set descending clock timer for 6 minutes:

REPEAT THESE 2 MOVES AS MANY TIMES AS YOU CAN IN 6 MINUTES: keeping good form & breathing!

10 x Frog Kicks (great lower abs pilates move! Use those abs, work those inner thighs!!


abs tight, lower back in mat, relax neck and shoulders, Breathe in


Breathe out, keeping heels always together, squeeze inner thighs together as you press legs away

10-12 x Up Down Planks (beginner/ intermediate : perform on knees,  5-6 reps )



Press up into high plank! Trainers tip: try not to rock your hips too much…KEEP ABS TIGHT


you did it!!!


…because I care! DO THEM!

Here are some of my favourite  stretches that you will benefit from.


Thread The Needle hold for 1 min each side


Pigeon, hold for 1 minute each side


Core side stretch hold for 20 – 30 sec each side , big inhales and exhales


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