Yoga Essentials

Yoga Essentials

I love going to yoga!

Do you!? Have you been to a class lately?

I went to a Vinyasa class the other day… it was magical!

That being said, I have a question… Am I the only one who goes to yoga to relax but feels like I am literally rushing to get to the yoga class on time!? It happens to me almost every time I decide to go to class!

Anyways…. I thought Id share with you some of my favourite yoga gear!…

The Mat:

I fell in deep love with my yoga mat when I saw it on the internet… It is crazy comfortable! The company is Yeti Yoga (check out their Instagram page here) !  My spine sticks out a little bit so sometimes poses can be uncomfortable for me, but this mat has never failed me! Plus its stunning to look at, I could just roll it out to look at it! Gotta love a good design if your going to be on that mat for the next 60-90 min!

IMG_2329 (1)

IMG_2333 (1)

The Block:

For those day you aren’t feeling flexible, its great to have a block beside you to guide and aid you! I bought this one for $10 at Chapter or Indigo, company GAIAM! I keep the block and band at home for when Im in the mood to stretch!

IMG_2328 (1)

Block & Band! For those inflexible days… maybe everyday…

The Band:

 I love using this for stretching with my clients! Its a resistance band that you can take anywhere (I always take it with me when travelling)… Stretch out those hamstrings, quads, forward folds!

The Bottle:

This bottle is pretty to look at and keeps my water cold for up to 12 hours! Its called Swell (website here) , and its a must have when you are hitting up the gym, work, running errands! The bottles come in various sizes and pretty designs! Stay hydrated and look going doing it 🙂 Prices range $35+

IMG_2337 (1)

The Clothes:

Yoga = comfortable! Always wear the most comfortable clothes you have when going to yoga. It is a time to chill and not think about anything! I like wearing cotton, its breathable and feels like Im in my PJ’s. You don’t want to worrying about how you look in the clothes or if your bra is supportive enough (Ya… I made the mistake of going to a flow class and not wearing the most supportive bra…. oops).

IMG_2330 (1)

Outfit: Lululemon

(null) (7)

Love wearing loose tanks to class, its crazy comfortable! Got this one from Old Navy $5

Stay Flexible 🙂 


Love Love !



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