Stripes & Off the shoulder

Stripes & Off the shoulder

The Outfit Breakdown….


1)There is something about a shirt that is off the shoulders. Its not only simple & minimal- but its sexy, giving off a subtle , yet,  confident vibe of your body, and the outfit your wearing.


2) Adding a top with stripes, is also, very simple, but takes that outfit to a new level. While paired with jeans or jean shorts, a nice vintage belt for added detail; its casual, comfortable.


3)Bandanas are all the rage at the moment (along with chokers… ah the 90’s). I left a bit more fabric showing instead of rolling up the bandana completely. I love the pairing of the off the shoulder shirt with a V fold for the bandana! (It would even look cool with a low cut T-shirt). Most importantly , wear the bandana  how YOU like to wear it! Have fun trying in various folds, put it in your hair, attach it to your purse have fun with it!

4) RED– love a good pop of red. Black & white stripes with some added red is, personally, my favourite colour to add!


IMG_1468 (1)

Top: Hollister, Shorts H&M

IMG_1466 (1)

LOVE big rings, and a red clutch (ALDO on sale $35)

IMG_1467 (1)

Little Ipad shadow, but I liked this pic!

IMG_1469 (1)

IMG_1463 (1)

TOMS have been my go to shoes for… always. I am really picky with what I put on my feet ..They are so comfortable!

IMG_1462 (1)

Bandana bought at dollar store!

IMG_1465 (1)


So Much Love,


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  1. May 18, 2016 / 10:39 am

    I love your choice of color–RED! It made the entire look more fun and funky. I’m now inspired with that bandana. I forgot that you can use it in many different ways! Looking lovely as always. xx

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