Bloggers & Entrepreneurs Network & Workout

Bloggers & Entrepreneurs Network & Workout

The Event:

Network and workout with local like minded women in business or  bloggers!

The Why?

We are all so busy with our lives, running our businesses, trying to make connections through social media, collaborate with others to strengthen our impact locally or globally with our products or services. So, I thought there needed to be a network event that allowed women to network, and workout together.  Seeing as I am a personal trainer, the gym and demonstrating exercises is place to thrive and I know  a lot of people can relate to wanting  to stay healthy and fit….. BAM !!! This was how the idea was formed and the Network & Workout Event was made.

The Who?

If you are a local business owner or blogger looking to mingle, make friends, new to the city, looking to create great collaborations with others that will aid you in furthering and enabling your business, while becoming part of a community this is the place to meet!

We are all there for the same reasons!

The Breakdown:

Start  time was  11 am  this past Saturday morning June 13

Network 11 am -11:30 am  The ladies had a chance to get introduced, chat, connect,  forming possible collaborations for future projects. There were 14 women that attend, it was just perfect!

The Workout 11:30 am -12:10 pm    It first began with an ice breaker standing in a circle, we said our names, blog/ business, followed by our fitness goal.

Yes- it was a full workout… and it was amazing. We are all crazy  busy ladies, so when planning the workout I wanted to demonstrate that all you need is 30-40 minutes to get a good workout session! No excuses! I planned a fun partner warm up to reinforce support and motivation which were fuelled by giggles & laughs. The workout incorporated resistance bands and body weight exercises targeting cardio, strengthening the arms, abs, & … the booty.

The Swag Bag  Body Energy Club, spoiled us like there was no tomorrow… each lady left with a bag filled with goodies while staying hydrated with freshly organic cold pressed juice. The event would definitely not have been the same without the support of BodyEnergyClub…so THANK YOU!

IMG_7382 (1)

ALL THIS GOODNESS from @bodyenergyclub! Check them out on instagram or at a location near you.. they have the BEST smoothies!!!

The Result:

There is something really  powerful,  motivating yet vulnerable when it comes to exercising with others… especially people you just met…. who you might want to do business with…! I truly believe this strengthens the connections between everyone in the group. Its not only important for us to motivate and support one another in our blogs / business , but also when it comes to a workout, health and fitness; even more connections and friendships are formed.

This event is one that I will definitely be organizing and leading  again in the next couple of weeks when I get back from Montreal.

I remember my first network event. There is no secret that its (very) overwhelming  because the room is just filled with women, groups may already be formed, and its not always easy to walk into a group and  join in on a conversation (now I can handle it but at the beginning.. gosh no)! Honestly, its all fun !

The End 

If you have been wanting to join a community, meet new people businesses  from all over the spectrum from acupuncture, photography, social media, fashion, journalism, lifestyle bloggers, beauty, etc… just good people who have a true passion for what they do, and how they express themselves this is the event for you! A relaxed, fun, yet completely empowering environment I highly suggest coming to the next Network & Workout event.  I met some amazing women that I can now call my friends  and collaborate with!

THANK YOU to everyone who came out!! LOVE!!!


Big THANK YOU to Blythe Toning Studio for allowing us to use your space!

Please email me if you would like this event to be hosted at your studio, take part in being a sponsor, or coming to the next upcoming eventspaces are limited.

 Please email me at

I would love to hear from you








Organic fresh cold pressed juice form @bodyenergyclub


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