Summer Arms

Summer Arms

Are you ready for those summer dresses, tank tops, T-shirts… basically anything and everything?! Here is a quick effective arm workout ! Ill be heading back to Vancouver this week after spending time in Montreal with the family, this is a quick workout I did!

Use the weight of your choice.

Here I used 5 lbs dumbbells. Make sure your form is correct!


5 min run 

Then 2 rounds….

5x push ups  (can be done on knees)

30 sec mountain climbers  (hands on ground in plank position, alternating bringing knees into chest, keep bum down abs tight !)

5x push ups  (can be don on knees)

30 sec plank (on forearms) 

10x shoulder press  using light weight or no weight 

20x arm circles forward, 20x backwards 

5x start in downward dog position hips up to sky,  then shift to high plank  thats 1 rep

–>Perform 8-10 reps (using light weight) the exercises in the workout to make sure you are comfortable with the movements expected.


Perform each exercise for 50 seconds, rest 10 seconds before moving onto the next exercise.

Trainers Tip If 50 seconds is too much but you still want to keep the intensity, lower time to 40 seconds of work, 15 seconds rest!

Rest exactly 60 – 90 seconds  after performing the exercises before moving onto the next round.

Repeat this workout 3 rounds = total workout time including rest =15 min= SUMMER ARMS.

feeling badass…try  4 rounds = 20 min arms


 90 Degree Sliders 

IMG_2064 (1)

1) Keeping arms always bent at 90 degrees slide elbows up to shoulder height, hold for 2 seconds,  2) slowly slide elbows back down to waist,  squeezing shoulder blades together! Shoulders back, chest open, work those shoulders!


Trainers Tip:  slower you move your arms = the more resistance will be created = more challenging

Half Angels 

have you ever made a snow angel ?


keeping arms extended outward, slide arms in line with shoulders, then slowly back down to your side. Shoulders back, chest open, abs tight.


Trainer Tip: keep slight bend in knees, thumbs pointing UP .. this helps externally rotate shoulders which is what we want to work on – our posture & back!



Elbows bent into waist, press dumbbells up into sky in a Y position. Shoulders back, abs tight exhale to press.

IMG_2070 (1)


Alternating Single Leg Half Push Ups


Hands underneath shoulders, abs tight, knees hip distance apart, lift right leg, squeeze your bum


perform a push up, keeping leg lifted!!


…now alternate legs! perform another push up! Keep alternating legs!


Bonus ABS

3 rounds = 9 minute abs  & cardio 

1 min plank on forearms  (elbows under shoulders, tuck tailbone make sure lower back is NOT sagging- BREATHE!)

30 sec side  plank left side (elbow & shoulder stacked)

30 sec  side plank right side  (elbow & shoulder stacked)

1 min skipping (get that heart rate up!)

So much love!

Sculpt those shoulders,  arms & abs!


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