How to become a morning person

How to become a morning person

The How To : Becoming A Morning Person

I typically wake up at 6-7 am during the week.. and yes, sometimes at 5 am. Will you ever 100% love waking up really early.. maybe not, but there are definitely tricks & ways  that aid me in getting my ass out of bed.

The key is how you react to & what you associate with walking up early (I use that term loosely, we all have different “early times” )

I LOVE being a personal trainer, so Im ok waking up at a crazy hour, going to the gym and training my client, who I love to train!


Here are EIGHT  WAYS to help you love the morning


1.Give yourself something to look forward to.

Mine is coffee and breakfast (2 eggs, toast & avo) while sitting out on my balcony. Its my time to think  setting my mind on todays work.

IMG_8100 (1)


2.Think positive.

Life is exhausting when you’re having negative thoughts. It takes so much of your energy to be in a bad mood, or dwell on things at work/ personal life. If you don’t consider them to be a stress, it wont be.  How you start your day sets the tone for whats to come! Trick your body  by using your positive thoughts  to think you love walking up early!


3.Your time = Start your day with what you love.

No one is calling you, the streets are not as busy. It’s a “secret” time for yourself, to just relax, catch up on some work, read, maybe go to the gym or just lie in bed, stretch, havea long shower,  netflix & chill!


Photo from my morning run at Beaver Lake in Montreal.. all to myself!



This is your time to get shit done. I like to think of it as > start early and end early!


5.Give yourself an hour to wake up and feel more alive.

YES, the first hour of being up is brutal. You would give anything to curl back into bed, not to mention how extremely moody you might be. After I train my first client at 6 am, get chatting to them, get moving, I am that much more awake and feeling energized.


6.Start in the summer.

The sun comes up early so it is that much easier & more helpful to get you up, making coffee and beginning your super productive day !


7.Get moving?

I always say, I can motivate you in the morning, but for me to push myself for my own workout at 6 am is mind blowing. Very rarely do I workout before 10 am , but some days, you just have to! Basically the 6 previous points reinforce and support this point of getting you up and out of bed. Gym, run, yoga, stretch, Crossfit,  how do you want to start your day? What will make you happy? What does your body want to do?


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8.Or… I can just stay in bed…

Ya- you totally could…. But then you wouldn’t be challenging yourself mentally, physically, and professionally. GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE. Lie in bed for 5-10 min awake, stretch, move around a bit and slowly get up and get the day started!

You know that saying, successful people get up at insanely early times, I truly believe that.

Slowly but surely your actions will be becoming loving habits, and you won’t be dreading the mornings! Be that person that people wish they were like because you’re so driven, productive and positive in the morning!





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