4 Daily Moves ! Long Weekend Workout

4 Daily Moves ! Long Weekend Workout


 you can make them that much better…  Here are 4 weekend moves to keep you moving and tight in the best ways possible! I do these moves often! I hope you enjoy!

Run 15-20 minutes then…

Repeat this workout, 3- 4 rounds

NO rest between exercises, flow through exercises continuously, resting 60 seconds after completing each round.


Heel To Sky : 60 seconds each leg

{always keep foot flexed, imagine pressing a button with your heel, this works into hamstrings & glutes!}

Single Leg Crossover Mountain Climber: Right leg 60 seconds , Left leg 60 seconds.

Bike Abs: 60 seconds

{Think opposite shoulder to knee for maximum twist, keep elbows pointing out!}

Crab Dips { aka reverse push ups }: 60 seconds

{Only bend and extend your elbows! Trust me its a tricep burner!}


Have a great weekend!

hope you are enjoying the new site! Please feel free to comment below!

LOVE, Mich

photography by : @thisisitstudios

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