4 Daily Moves!  

Build strong abs, sculpted quads, shoulders and glutes with these 4 moves! Its always fun to do a challenge! Lets do this one together!

The Booty Challenge:

Challenge yourself to repeat this workout 3-4  days this week

Ex:  Friday, Monday, Thursday {try to keep one gap day between}

READ TRAINERS TIP for each exercise this is very important to ensure you have the right cues for each exercise! You’ll see they require a lot of the same cues {ex: chest up, weight in heels { to work into the glutes & hamstrings, abs tight…}

Your Workout:

A) Begin with 10 minute run on treadmill

B) Repeat this workout 3 times, only resting at the end of each round for 60-90 seconds

Single Arm Overhead Static Lunge 10x left, 10x right 

Trainers Tip: its very important to keep abs tight, bicep inline with your ear, keeping elbow locked out, shoulder strong and stable! When the weight is inline with your body = it feels lighter! Keep front knee inline with ankle, maintain 90 degrees in legs!

Low Open Close Legs 25x 

Trainers Tip: SIT LOW!! .. like, real low! The lower you are the better the booty and sculpted quads! Weight in heels, chest up!

 Side Lunges 20x left leg, 20x right leg 

Trainers Tip: chest up, weight in heels, knee is 90 degrees, really press off the leg that you are side lunging off ! Its not about how  far you step out, just make sure you are maintaining good form, and focusing on the leg you are stepping out  & lunging on = single leg strength!

Dumbbell Squats 25x 

Trainers Tip: when in doubt stick it out!!! booty back, weight in heels, chest up, abs tight! press off heels, squeeze booty as you stand.  keep dumbbell close to chest, do not let chest fall forward


For beginners: no weight is necessary, or 3-5 lbs dumbbells . Focus on good form , using your own body weight!

ALWAYS maintain good form, focus on how your body feels when you are moving through the movements, connect your mind to your body!

Have fun exercising, getting fit, string, and loving your body with ever rep you take! Focus on breathing, and most of all have fun building that booty! Its always fun to take before and after photos for yourself as well!



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