A Dash Of Vintage

A Dash Of Vintage

My style is hands-down a mixing vintage pieces with new.  I believe its essential to have basics       {jeans, white/ black/grey t-shirts & tanks} but then to add a colourful, textured unique blazer, jacket or sweater completely elevates your regular jeans & tank top to an edgy, individualistic, and distinct outfit.

Same thing goes for accessories; adding a vintage red leather clutch, chunky/ a notable piece of  jewelry into your outfit can add that extra dash of your personality and special style  we sometimes strive to have or seek to find in a world where its so easy to always end up  wearing the same brands/ style/outfit  as everyone else.

Get creative and adventurous, you can NEVER go wrong when it comes to wearing vintage, just own it.  Venture off to your vintage or consignment store and find a special piece that speaks to you, and that embodies your style.

Here I am wearing a cotton back skirt  {bought it a year ago at Oak + Fort}  and tank layered with a heavy knit jacket/ sweater from local vintage store Hey Jude , boots are vintage bought years ago for $20!

Getting creative with what you wear is not only fashion, its a way of life- it’s wearing self expression & confidence.


Make up by my talented friend Ashley Maronik 



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