5 reasons why a JORD Watch is a wardrobe must

5 reasons why a JORD Watch is a wardrobe must

Wanna hear a joke?

What time is it?

Answer: Time to get a watch!



I love love love me a JORD watch!



#1 My Job! I have to count and time people ALL THE TIME {no pun intended}! I can’t always have my phone out with my clients using the timer, its not always the best. It fits really well, and doesn’t get in the way when demonstrating exercises.

#2a Style! Even though Im like 90% of the time in gym clothes, I still need to feel connected to my personal street-style and add a personal touch to my Nikes & Lululemons. Wearing this watch makes you a bit more “dressed up” and is such a great accessory to my everyday workout attire! This JORD watch is lightweight and classic! Wear your lifestyle on your sleeve.


#2b #Minimalstyle! Its clean, its minimal, its chic and goes with everything you own. Im all about rings, but having this watch paired with your everyday rings {paired well with gold or silver}, its double the style, simple  definitely adds a sleek masculine embellishment to your #minimalstyle of cozy knits and jeans, not to mention it looks killer paired with a leather jacket, black dress and heels!

#3 Keeps you off your phone! I don’t know about you, but I am on my phone WAY  {way, way} too much! Truth is, I don’t always want to be! Lets keep it vintage and use a good ol’ stylish watch to see what time it is, allowing our eyes something better to look at, allow yourself to connect with life!

#4 GIFTS! T’is the season- gift yourself,  gift others! When in doubt it watch out! {just make that up, kinda like it} JORD is offering FREE shipping for the holidays worldwide, whoop whoop! Have your significant other spice up their everyday outfit, and think of you every time check what time it is … aw…

#5 Affordable! Sustainable, efficient, modern design, timeless and transitional, for the right price, Im in!


Want to win $75 e-gift code.. and receive $20 e-gift code….

Because its the holidays, JORD Watches is offering to gift a lucky winner with a $75 e-gift code to spend towards a watch of their choice! Click HERE to enter, just add your name & email! Anyone who enters will automatically receive a $20 e-gift code towards the watch you want, so you’re still a winner, treat yourself!


I chose the Feildcrest Dark Sandalwood model $139. Its unisex, {so ladies we can get that sleek masculine look!} .  Why JORD wood?  Im such a sucker for wood {ugh -don’t have a dirty mind!} but for serious, I love all things wood because each grain is different! The colour makes it such a great transitional piece from summer – winter!



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