Holiday Statement Without Accessories

Holiday Statement Without Accessories


T’is true.

We can take a break from jewelry. Yes, we still love all those details and ornaments BUT, sometimes we can be effortless-minimal, yet impactful!

I stopped by My Modern Closet, a local online consignment shop. I love love love shopping consignment / vintage, in fact this entire outfit is second hand. Its affordable, aids the environment, and every piece has a story.



I crave being adventurous with colour and pattern. Now its the holidays, we have parties and events, lets not worry about having the same outfit as someone else… why? Because you will express your own creativity.

The skirt is full body which is fun and playful, so I tucked in the knit sweater to show off some waist! NOTE: Always tuck in if there seems to be too much movement / fabric.

One vivid colour mixed with a pattern is your accessory- it is your statement. It creates and allows great visual! Its your outfit saying “I put this on and BAM- effortless, minimal, cozy, chic! Any added jewelry might seem a bit over done, for the exception is small thin rings!


Lastly adding some vintage boots/ ankle black boots {$26 Zara} to any outfit just give it a bad-ass vibe! The infamous question; “wait, do you this is too dressy?”- NO!  just add booties!  Your good- no its not too dressy, wear it!

Ps, its all good to have a 2 -3 inch heel on the boot to add length to legs and height for the outfit!


Glasses from

Boots: Consignment, Zara, $26 / Sweater: Alexander Wang, Skirt both from My Modern Closet Glasses:


Photography by Kat Timmins 




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