Valentines Day Workout

Valentines Day Workout

AH yes, the day of love!

For lovers, friends, family, pets, yourself-  just SHARE THE LOVE! Head on over to my Instagram story to see the videos for each of these movements @bootybymich

Here is a quick workout, only 5 moves to get you feeling spicy and in LOVE with you, your body and mind! OH, and obviously if you want to put on something that is a little move body hugging- yea you deserve it!

Show off your bod!

The Workout:

2-3 km run 


4-5 Rounds:

1 min Open Close legs

{HELLO INNER THIGHS!  keep back FLAT- do NOT round your back think about sticking your ass out ! Stay low, weight in heels, chest up, abs tight}

20-40 x Heavy Weighted Glute Bridges

{heels can be on bosu, use heavy / challenging 25-35 lbs dumbbell, hold it on hips the entire time, drive through your heels- lift your hips up and SQUEEZE THAT BOOTY as you lift hips!  all about the squeeze NOT the speed! }

1 min each side Straight Leg Bike

{maintain straight legs, keep lower back on ground, shoulders relaxed, think opposite shoulder to opposite leg, twist form waist = maximum twist!}

1 min Alternating Booty Push ups

{can be done on knees, elbow stay close into torso  {triceps},  keep booty down, abs tight, squeeze booty ! Alternate lifting leg as you go down to perform push up}

1 min Banded / or Weighted Toe Taps

{Alternating! ex: 4 toe taps L, then 4 toe taps right, STAY LOW IN THAT SQUAT each leg keep going! Chest up, abs tight, SIT LOW feel the burn, that beautiful burn of sculpting of the booty and thighs!}

Rest exactly  1 min after each round.

I love you all, like- a lot, I am forever grateful.Happy Valentines Day, indulge in chocolate, love, hugs, flowers, smiles!

photography by @blindtoomuch

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