Life Update

Life Update


Its me.

I know…

Its been awhile..

How are you?


Last time I wrote a personal blog it was about my break up- which feels like a life ago. Its crazy. I didn’t know how life would be, and actually… its never been better. How am I? I am happy. I need to connect again with my blog. Its been too long.. SO- here I am, on this rainy weekend day, while wearing massive headphones listening to super chill acoustic music, I write. I connect with myself, and with you.


So what have I been up to the last couple of months? Here are memorable snippets…

Lets go back a couple of months….

I met a boy on a plane…

I was travelling from Vancouver to Montreal  for the holidays {my trip was Montreal- NYC -Montreal}. I had my phone in hand ready to turn it off {I had downloaded Bumble the night before so I was a little bit hooked on swipping!}  When I received a Facebook message, “Are you on my plane or do you have a doppleganger?”  It was a guy that I went to high school with in Montreal {he was flying home to Montreal, but he also lives in Vancouver} ! I would have NEVER recognized him, I haven’t seen him in 10 years ! Back in the day we weren’t  friends but I knew who he was. I had taken 2 gravols and was definitely going to feel them soon, but I was kind, and gestured for  him to come sit next to me!  We spoke for 5 hours straight, I hate flying but this was the best plane ride of my life {even though I was struggling to keep my eyes open – that damn gravol.. also the fact that my neck was killing me from being turned towards him, and my cheeks hurting so much from smiling!}.. This guy had definitely left an impression on me … NOTED… and I can’t help but find it kinda funny how I downloaded the app and then very organically met someone?

I went on Bumble date in NYC…

This 3 day trip to NYC was my “Newly-Single-I-Need- A-Break-From-Life-Trip”! So lets have fun and use Bumble on this trip! I thought “Mich, just go on a dating app and see what its all about for like a hot minute!” Well that minute turned into 3 hours of swiping! BOOM ! You’ve been matched! Ugh I got such a rush! I wish there were scores… it would be so fun! LOL I promised I never would go on a dating app- but I did, and it was an experience! Ah what do I put as my photo?! Wait- If I like them do I swipe left or right?! What do I write as a blurb?! ugh who cares! I just did it! Heres to the swipelife!

While visiting I couldn’t not help but swipe! Ladies… New York is LEGIT for Bumble, just saying. I was newly single – yes, I can do this! I wanted a YOLO moment, I was with someone for 4 years- I just had to ask myself WHAT DO YOU WANT RIGHT NOW?!  So… I went out on my one and only Bumble date when I was there – and it was the absolute best. We have ONE LIFE, its so important to feel free, and do what we want, and what will make us happy! In that moment, I wanted a company of a guy to walk around a city and get lost, but what really happened was me reconnecting with myself! I felt ALIVE and FREE and HAPPY! It was about ME and no one else, I could be selfish in the best way.  Me and Mr. Bumble walked around Times Square, Grand Central Station chatting about life and love and dating. We settled in at a random Irish Bar where I sipped on my Gin & Tonic {I RARELY drink} , enjoyed the music playing and just laughed! I needed this night so badly {* note: obviously being out with a stranger ladies is not what Im endorsing but just always  be careful !}  Thankfully the person was so fun and sweet! That being said- I decided to delete the app after my trip! I had one great date, and that was good enough for me! 🙂 but YES, dating apps! check! Mr. Bumble if you read this – you’re awesome! When the date was done,  I put my earphones and walked back through Times Square while playing James Blake, ‘ I Need A Forest Fire’ on repeat. i was soaking in  my spontaneous- Bumble-NYC-date – but also couldn’t stop thinking about the guy from the plane.. lets call him H…

Me and H did end up reconnecting back in Vancouver. My heart is still a bit cold… and broken… and so scared. Drake said it well, “My hearts too frozen to be broken”. Patience is key for this person and Im trying to be more open, accepting that being vulnerable is ok. I realize that being vulnerable is beautiful thing, but its important for me to accept that someone will be there; someone wants to be there and catch me if I fall. This person wants to go on adventures with me and blast music and let me be wild and crazy – 100% me… that being said…. lets see what happens.. Ill keep you posted! 🙂




Teaching at TurF has been just – unbelievable. I get to play songs I love, create workouts that I believe in, meet amazing people, and spread my passion of wellness, health and fitness! This is my first time teaching large classes, and I do get a little tiny bit nervous and VERY excited every class I teach! I get such a rush and almost out of body experience when I teach.. and I think wow “THIS IS MY LIFE ITS EVERYTHING I WANTED”.  If you follow me on social media and have been thinking about coming to a workout,  you should! Its for everyone! I spend a good amount of time creating my workouts and trying them out myself  to see what Im going to be sharing with everyone; to me thats really important. 🙂  It is my style of training and expression of self love and strength {mental and physical :)} I would love to meet you, come workout ! Transformational sweat, community, good food, good people, I am ever so proud to be apart of it.I still do one on one trainings and its so refreshing to switch it up from groups to small groups! My schedule is wild-child! I have been teaching myself that girlboss-personal life balance! I love what I do, but I as extroverted as I am, I need to recharge alone. Yoga has been such heaven 2-3 times a week its perfect. It calms and stills my mind, grounding me and reminding me that I am HERE, this is my life, and I am in control of everything. BREATHE INTO THE MOMENTS YOU LOVE, this has been my mantra. Just breath. I am building my brand, my community, my passion, my life- breathe into the moments.


Turning 26…

DAMN. 26. If you told me when I was 16 what my life would be like… I would have stared at you wide eyed and said WOW, not sure wether you were kidding or not.

I am who I want to be. I am where I want to be.  I am proud of my mind, and my body. I have never been more comfortable in my body. I accept that I am growing older- I can see it in my hands! LOL! Yes! Its true I can just see my hands getting a bit older, but you know what – its a beautiful thing.



Well there ya go!

A little bit of personal and a little bit of work haha

Now you are all caught up!







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