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Hey Sweet Friends!

Heres whats up, I thought I’d share with you some super cool and local shoes that I have been wearing when Im not in my Nikes! I am on my feet all day-everyday. I am SO darn picky with what I put on my feet – AINT NO BODY GOT TIME FOR BLISTERS!


6 Fun Facts:

1.SKYE Footwear is a local Vancouver brand!

2.The shoes are made from recycled material

3. The soles of the shoes are biodegradable – pretty wild!

4.The company became successful off of a Kickstarter campaign raising over $43,00 USD!

5.The shoes are unisex, with 3 distinct styles that are inspired by Vancouver {The Rhutus, The Powll, The Lons, check out the styles here }

6. Get 15% off your choice of shoe with code bootybymichSKYE until July 31 2017

I chose The Rhutus in black! They go so well with workout gear, or even jeans and tank ! I have no doubt that I’ll be wearing these for the rest of the summer and even into Fall, with then being such a great transitional season shoe. They are really comfortable and hug my feet in all the right places 🙂



So much love,


Photography by  @blindtoomuch


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